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Samsung z flip 3 display doesn't always turn on when un-flipped

(Topic created on: 14-10-2023 02:51 PM)
Hello I have recently had the Samsung z flip 3 2nd hand and it was working perfectly at first but now the screen doesn't always come on when it's being un-flipped does anyone know what this could mean? Does have a few dead pixels but they don't effect the use and they are on the bottom of the screen if that helps anymore 
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Hello @Cocopops1298 

There maybe an issue inside the phone that needs addressing. 

The issue maybe that before Samsung will look at a phone under the Limited 2 year Manufacturing Warranty they'll need to see proof of the original sale i.e the receipt. 

And they'll have to bring the phone back up to Warranty standard i.e the dead pixels which may levy a charge. 

You'd need to go through a Samsung Service Centre. 

I'm wondering if the phone has had an accidental bump causing the dead pixels and has caused some issues inside. 

If you purchased via ebay then look to contacting the seller. 

If you purchased privately and know them then discuss what's happening. 

If you cannot contact the original seller as you purchased privately via other means then I'm afraid that's the caveat of buying in such a way. 

I wish you all the best. 

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