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Flip 5 pros and cons?

(Topic created on: 21-03-2024 10:37 PM)
Hello I just want to ask above model of samsung phone galaxy flip 5.

What are the good and the bad things for this phone?

Also, if you got the handset from a network provider in store, would you still be able to return it if you find the handset not suitable for you?
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The Samsung Flip⁵ is certainly an impressive phone @Tineeyx  👍 

I've had a play with one and love what it brings to the table. 

If you perform a forum search you may find existing threads about the phone, and there will be reviews etc on YouTube. 

In regards to the cooling off period if the phone is supplied by a network you would need to check their Terms and Conditions. 

Go to a Samsung Experience Store or network store that has that model on display to have hands on with it to see how you like it. 

In the UK Samsung provide a 14 day return period if bought directly from them. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 


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Hey @Tineeyx 

It's easy for me to be bias and say the Flip 5 is amaaaaaazzzinggg, so I won't just say it, but I'd recommend heading down to your local Samsung Experience Store, or a reputable phone retailer to get a more hands-on experience like @BandOfBrothers has mentioned.

As for the returns, this depends on the retailer you head to. For our Online Shop, it's a 14-day period regardless of whether you've opened the box or not, but the Experience Stores tend to be a little more strict with their rules. You're only able to return the phone if it's damaged in the box, or if it's not functional. They don't tend to accept a return if you've changed your mind after opening the box, though I would recommend speaking to the store advisors for more information.

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I will never buy a fold phone again. Had a line in the middle of the foldable screen 2 weeks after the warranty ended. It cost me over $1500 to replace. Two months later the cover screen went. Horrible experience and common to samsung for screens. It a manufacturer defect and they should recall these phones or fix them for free.