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Facebook app and mobile site and messenger service not loading off mobile broadband

(Topic created on: 20-08-2023 12:55 PM)
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hello, so i run a samsung fold 4 on EE bought around november 2022 and a older iphone max i think on O2, i have tried every combination of sims in different handsets, and a new sim in the fold4, and completely reseting the fold4 to factory default. along with 4 members of EE staff trying to fix this issue. When i have the fold4 connected to any wifi system( be it home based or mobile broadband or public hotspot) i can use facebook and messenger like every other normal phone. however the moment i turn off wifi or disconnect from a wifi network and it defaults to mobile broadband EE or O2 the facebook/messenger/instagram all stop working or loading with page timed out or loading hang messages. i can surf the internet fine on google and samsung browser and such and watch youtube fine but all META applications go dead. because of my job and such i cannot afford to be without the phone for 2 weeks like all the service companies are telling me and been honest after the mess of a switch over last year with EE and yourselves to get a case and stylus and charger ( really disappointed with samsung now) i am reluctant to have to fully reset the phone and send it in to get it looked at, as it is starting to cause me a financal problem with people not able to contact me on my company facebook messenge service when i have a ipad and iphone that i dont really like using that works fine, however i am getting to my last straw and am considering migrating all my stuff to another brand (oppo/sony/iphone/whomever) which would be 2 tablets and 2 phones and associated docking stations/ accessories due to reliability issues. been in the tv trade and for over 28 years recommending samsung products in my daily conversations with many poeple i am finding it dificult to do such with a problem on this phone every other month and now this is happening and i am just losing faith in your products and service. so this is my last try of been passed from pillar to post in requesting someone contact me to please give me a solution or a path to follow that does not leave me without a phone or send me looking at other avenues of brands and makes of handset. i am not adverse to going to my local samsung repair centre at manchester trafford centre if its still there but i will say i dont want to be coming away empty handed and waiting 2 weeks for my phone to come back just thinking about the loss of earnings and disruption to my company even though i have already had that with having to reset my handset twice already. i hope you can help and not just give me the generic websites or answer that i have already tried. please either call me with a human UK voice or give me a phone number of someone who is able to answer the question regarding this fault before i loose my mind and sell all the samsung stuff in favour of the competitors options.  many thanks, Paul


Hello @Members_djVJNuF , 😉


My first thought is that if no other apps on your Fold4 are affected then the issue is likely to lie somewhere with the Meta apps on it rather than the phone overall. 


Are you able to tell us what steps you and the EE staff have done so far (other than a factory reset)? For example, have you checked to see if the phone’s software and all of the Meta apps have been updated to the latest versions available for them?


('Settings > Software update > Download and install' to check for software updates for the phone; and Google's guide for updating apps from the Play Store: is your best bet for checking for updates to the Meta stuff.)