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Why do I need extra hardware to use DEX on external screens?

(Topic created on: 09-05-2018 02:12 AM)

How, if possible, Can I use DEX without using Samsung´s own expensive piece of ***** hardware?


For something other manufactures offers for free (Huawei, just connect HDMI and it bloody works), I now need to pay an extra 99 Euro´s for. An piece of hardware with either no RJ45, or (the old dock) a so bad design so that sound and 3,5mm jack is unreacable.


There are multiple 3rd party USB-c dongles on the market which offers RJ45 AND allows me to access the 3,5mm Jack. But Samsung seems to keep wanting to rape their consumers and forcing them to buy their own hardware?!

Samsung is really becomming more and more like Apple, *****...


so a repeat of my question; Can I use DEX without using Samsung´s own expensive piece of ***** hardware? Anyone got any tips on this area (connecting S9+ to a monitor or TV and use the full screen)



No, not at the moment at least. 


I feel the same way and have moved from a Microsoft 950XL with the great Continuum feature  Dex is very similar  


Continuum would work through Microsofts own dock or by just a wireless connection. 


Using a wireless connection or the Ms Dock I only get screen mirroring  


I was doing some research on forums for my S8 and it would appear that the phone has to sense the actual Dex to switch and their was a firmware mod they were working on but was buggy so I avoided  


It's a crazy limitation to impose  


Oh yes, Continuum was an awesome featre, I had the 950XL too, but returned it due to its loadsome bugs and inferiour battery.

I still have the Dock (got it for free) but it dosent really work with either Win 10 laptops nor with Androids...


But as you wrote, Dont really feel that secure with modding my phone just yet as I want to be able to use Warranty.


Good to know that I am not alone! :smiling-face: