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Whastapp number change in secure folder

(Topic created on: 07-02-2019 11:40 AM)
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Hello all.  Please excuse the long post, I prefer to get it clear from the outset rather than clarify later.

I want to change the number used on the whatsapp in my secure folder without causing conflicts or loss of historical messages.  I’m not sure how best to do this.  At present I have: 

   Whatsapp 1 (W1) outside secure folder using Number 1 (N1).  It’s backed up to a google account (G1)

   Whatsapp 2 (W2) Inside secure folder using a different Number 1 (N2).  It’s backed up to a different google account (G2)

I want to stop using N2 and move everything over to N1, but still keep the two whatsapp histories, contacts and backup separate (for work and home).


Question 1 – It is possible to us the same number for two separate whatsapp apps, one inside secure folder and one outside?  If so, can they be backed up to different google accounts, and keep the chat histories separate (so that a chat with a “work” person does not appear in the “home” whatsapp and vice-versa?)

Question 2 – If so, how can I migrate the W2 app from N2 to N1 without losing history and without causing a conflict with the other W1 app using the same number?  [I tried installing a dual-messenger version of whatsapp to migrate one-by-one, but cannot seem to do it inside secure folder.  I also tried installing dual-messenger outside secure folder and putting the same number, but it simply duplicated the message histories.]


Many thanks