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S9+ safe mode stuck

(Topic created on: 09-07-2018 12:05 AM)
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Let me start this off with some background. I was on vacation and went in a lake with my month old gs9+ in my pocket. I accidentally left it in there, but thought nothing of it since the phone has an ip68 rating and it wasn't being submerged or anything. A few hours after I left the lake I noticed that the selfie camera had condensation in it and immediately turned my phone off. I then removed the sd card slot and put the phone in a bag of silica gel to try and dry it out.  A few days later I tried to turn it on and much to my surprise everything was fine except the camera still had condensation, so I continued the silica gel bath. When I returned from vacation, I took the phone to a Samsung service center and they told me that the phone had water damage and they can't do anything. Frustrated I again put the phone back in the silica gel and the next day I noticed that the camera was completely clear of condensation, so I booted it up and it was fine, except that it would only boot in safe mode. I was astonished to find that my volume down button had ceased to work, so I can't use it to turn safe mode off.


I am incredibly frustrated with the situation I am in from an accident that should not have effected my phone at all. I definitely would not call the phone even a little water proof, even though it supposedly is.  I thank Samsung for making a water resistant phone that got water damage that should be impossible and refuses to help with my situation.


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Hi @FlyingMacintosh


The ip68 rating gives the phone A resistance to water and dust. 


Sadly it does not give it a waterproof rating. 


So if water gets past the seals and into the phone then the Manufacturing Warranty is voided. 


In the UK some of our networks offer extra levels of protection for the phone. 


In the UK it's also advised that it's the seller/ provider of the phone that has a duty of care to help.


That said most manufacturers will also want to try and help. 


I would suggest to Google Search for your own countries Samsung Terms and Conditions. 


Also household contents insurance can help and some Banks offer mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. 


T&C's and excess fee's would most likely apply. 


Samsung and what-is/ip68 and Samsung Mobile-devices/water-and-dust-protection-ip68. offer some further insight. 



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Hi @FlyingMacintosh


Unfortunately I mirror your feelings. 


I am on holiday and my phone dropped in water not even 2ft deep for not up to 5 minutes and now the rear camera has failed, the phone is stuck in Safe Mode and practically un-useable.


Whilst technically the IP68 means resistance, Samsung should not be advertising their phones being used to record surfing etc making them out to be super "resistant" when in reality they are not.

In my case according to this link my phone shouldnt have been affected but alas


Just came here to vent as I bought this phone to take on holiday only for it to die after its only encounter with water, this will definitely be the last Samsung phone I own