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S9+ One UI/Android Pie software ideas

(Topic created on: 04/02/19 21:08)
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Galaxy S9 Series

It would be great if we could put ideas down to which hopefully Samsung would listen and possibly implement into a software update on android pie.


My idea is, as in Oreo you had the navigation bar which you could make disappear with the little dot on the left to make the most of the screen real estate; how about as now in Pie you have the gestures, which are fine to swipe but you could actually press or swipe the gesture lines similar to the way you would press the old back, recent & home buttons ? That way you wouldn't have to minimize and it would make the most out of the screen real estate. Which other OS had this type of feature ? This could be a unique feature and one that others may copy but guess who did it first 😁. Let me know do you think this could be a good feature, also feel free to include your ideas.


Many thanks


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Superuser I
Galaxy S9 Series

All in all I'm finding the Samsung One Ui just fine.


The changes I'd love to see are >


1. Bring back the stacked open apps look in multi tasking instead of just the cards look right now.


2. I use two different network sim cards in my Note 9 and have two network signal bars in my status bar.


In Oreo the one I chose in the sim card Manager had an identifying box around it so at a glance I could see which I'd chosen. 

In Samsung One Ui this has been removed.


To add I've also sent my feedback via the Samsung Members App.



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