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"wi-fi in standby" option is missing

(Topic created on: 24-02-2019 02:38 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series


i just bought a samsung galaxy s9 and i'm browsing the settings.

With my old phone (galaxy s6) i could decide the wi-fi behavior during standby, i could decide among "always on" - "on when charging battery" - "always off". This is the first thing i checked on the s9 when setting the wi-fi and i picked "on when charging battery",  then the phone said i had to update the software and so i let it update.

Since the update the wi-fi is always on even when the phone screen is locked and there isn't an "intelligent wi-fi behavior" option in the menu anymore. I checked the settings and the option "wi-fi in standby" is missing.

That option was in settings > wi-fi > advanced > wi-fi in standby but after the update it disappeared.


Did they move it to another location? did they remove it? is there any way to make so the wi-fi automatically turn off after 5-10 minutes when i leave the screen locked for a while and then to automatically turn it back on when i unlock the screen?