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Petition to get a response on One UI update from Samsung

(Topic created on: 03-03-2019 01:35 PM)

Many of you out there are annoyed and disappointed with the recent One UI update that changes the look and feel of your Samsung Galaxy.  There is a lot of venting and calling out Samsung to do something about it, however it just doesn’t feel as though Samsung and Google are listening.


Myself, I am totally annoyed at how much my phone UI has change and how things that worked fine before now are a absolute hassle to work around. Battery life is worse, UI is a sham,  and basic navigation has been messed up. I went through a similar thing once before with Sony Ericson many years ago and vowed never to buy a Sony phone ever again after a drastic UI change ( and haven't). 


I have been a devoted Samsung mobile phone user since the S3. I have owned S3, S4, S5, S6, S7edge, and S9+ up until now I have never had an issue but this all makes me want to buy an iPhone and I really hate iPhone. 


Samsung doesn’t seem to be listening or want to listen. Let’s make them listen. I have set up a petition on that will email Samsung and google our dispute. Please all it takes is a singnature, the more the better. Sign and forward on to other who share this point of view and lets make Samsung hear us. The massive change and issues with the new One UI is not acceptable. How they think making drastic changes to the way a phone looks and operates is acceptable is not right. What we tested and purchased is nolonger what we now own.  Its like I once owned a Ferrari and took it in for servicing and I got back a 7-seater people mover with a child seat now the main driver’s seat.  WTF were you thinking Samsung?


Sign the petition here


Well said! I've signed 😉👍


(I've also been chatting to Samsung on Facebook and have suggested that they come over here and read the threads and reply. Funnily enough, they suggested I come here to give them feedback and that the developers regularly check here for feedback and make changes, so fingers crossed that's true. I refuse to live with this update for another 18 months until my contract runs out, and I'm sure you feel the same way. )

I signed the petition and I also copied and shared a link to the petition along with my current opinion of Samsung products on Samsung's official page where they're advertising the new Samsung S10 phone. I would suggest doing the same since Samsung doesn't seem to be listening to us on its own forum.