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ONE UI Update Samsung S9+ Pro video function and optical zoom lens

(Topic created on: 28-02-2019 06:48 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Please read as I cant find the following being discussed...


Done the ONE UI update today on my S9+ to realise the video function in pro mode is now missing. I have noticed alot of people have mentioned this and I have spoken to samsung who have advised this is being looked into (Didnt sound too convincing but told me to leave some feedback)


Something I couldnt find anyone talking about and samsung couldnt advise me with, is the ability to take pictures in pro mode using the optical zoom lens?


Not only are you now unable to access pro video mode, use the optical zoom lens for video whatsoever, you cant even take pictures using optical zoom in pro mode? I have always found the optical lens clunky as your control is limited. It would be nice if you select to use the optical lens without the phone dictacting whether there is sufficient light... This didnt bother me too much. But now, after the update, its completely unaccessable unless you are in standard picture mode. Using zoom in pro mode now ALWAYS uses digital zoom.... 


I sold my DSLR to fund this phone (if i could afford to i would have both) therefore am dependant on these features. 


Sorry to go on but is anyone else bothered by this? 


And please can this be fixed ASAP samsung?!?!?!