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I hate ONE UI, what can I do about it?

(Topic created on: 02-02-2019 12:38 PM)
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Hi Everybody,

I understand there is quite a lot of people raving about the ONE UI operating system Samsung has blessed us with.
I however hate it. Hate is a strong word, but in this case I don't think it's strong enough.

I bought my S9 because that phone felt right. It had an edge of luxury and class from the overal design of it's outer shell to the feel and the design of the UI. Now it just feels like an iphone knock off. The clunky over sized icons, the intrusive backgrounds for notifications, the absolutley hidious rounding of the corners. Yes I get it, it mimics the rounded screen corners but for crying out loud there are better, more subtle ways of doing it. It feels like the phone interface was designed by a layman whom does not understand the devil in the details. 

I understand that "specialists" out there said that flat design is coming back, that is no excuse for flat and lasy design in my opinion. I want my transparent backgrounds back, I want my gradients and dropshadows back. I want this phone to feel like I spent the money I did on it, and not some God forsaken iPhone replica.

I don't need some customer support rep explaining to me how Samsung has spent time and money in making the UI benefit it's users, or what your research says about your implementations. I want my old UI back. How can I do that and can I do that without compromising my phone's security?

Thank you.


The phone is a tool for most of us, they turn it into a toy. The designers must understand that functionality comes first! The product manager should understand most of us are quite busy and don't have time to play with the phone software to find a way to roll back their mistakes so we should get a preview of what's about to happen or a revert button. This is outrageous. How would you like that the car manufacurer to recall your car for an update and all your controls to be changed when you get it back? Maybe you bought that car for very specific reasons that now are changed witout any warning or option to revert them. How cool is that? Potato managers, potato designers, potato developers. Total lack of respect.
P.S. We...that took the time to write on your forums might seem like drop in a ocean but guess what, we will never reccomend or buy your products again.

Samsung's One UI will be updating to v.2.0 and will have many improvements.

As far as your "over-sized, clunky icons", spend more time reading, and less time writing and you may solve all your issues.

Start with XDA
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No. He should not have to read anything. He already did his research when he bought the phone. He did so for the specific aesthetics, which he payed a hefty sum for. And now Samsung has turned an elegant phone into a children's toy. And you can't get back what you payed for. At the very least, the UI should be optional if they change it during the device's lifecycle.


Nothing will solve his actual issue, other than having to resort to flashing the original firmware back and say no to security and other updates. But again, it is not something anybody should have to do. Our part ended with handing over the credit card to the clerk.




I have a Note 10+ and while in the hands of a child, I agree, it is a wonderful "toy".


However, in the hand of an individual who wants the absolute best mobile-device money can buy, with an extremely-elegant design, and engineering that is state of the art, the Samsung S-10, and Note 10 models are a formidable tool for everything from work, to play.


I can't see how any product may be presented to please a billion people without having a few users with issues.


Accentuate the Positive.

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I agree with you all the way. Everything I loved about my Samsung is gone! Especially all the cool beauty features and filters my camera had before are all gone. I loved the way you could perfect a picture before taking the actual shot on the last software.  I absolutely hate UI software.  Honestly I'm considering switching to a google pixel 

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I've got 100's of notifications pilled up since I upgraded yesterday.  The new interface for notifications looks so horrible that I can stand to open it.  I am going to have to get a land line Fred Flintstone style so people can call me and tell me if there is a notification important enough for me to put some sunglasses and open my phone.

Sherley-Ann Proulx
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I feel the exact same way, it looks like an iphone and i hate it. I hate that when i look a picture in my phone, i see all of my other pictures under. I hate that when i scroll to see my notifications, everything is white. I hate that my pictures have white edges around them. I hate that i see a little locked sign on top of the time when my screen i locked.. I just really dislike the ONE IU. It doesn't feel confortable like before. I don't like Iphones cause they are full of unnecessary things and my brain feel overused by all the details.. This ONE IU is the same.

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Just install some Custom Rom based on the stock AOSP, like LineageOS etc and don't care about this! :winking-face:

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who gives a flying blep if it voids the waranty i thought the point of buying a product is because one likes it , not because the company can dictate what a customer likes. i myself void every waranty with samsung because one ui sux. the stock android is far better. wen cyanogen mod was around thats all i used on my Samsung phones. got rid of bloat and was highly customizable  plus unlocked alot of hidden features . whats the point in buying a high end phone when the phone manufacturer dumbs it down and yes samsung you do this period 


I hate it too. 

When i got a galaxy note 8, I thought that upda*ing it to pie wouldn't hurt.(i didn't check the what's new page)

i remember that I liked it for 2 DAYS till i opened the camera...

the camera was a mess (and still is). Then i thought what would happen if i remove my theme...

then i started to hate ONE UI because of the ugly icons and ugly nav bar.

i also realized how much SPACE was occupied with a big settings/phone at the top.

they actually wanted to make this ui for one handed mode. Samsung already had a one handed option in settings that was added in experience 9 , so why take up space of a screen for a big sign at the top. they even moved the menus from the top to bottom for move one handed operation.(on experience you could swipe between the tabs)

i tried to downgrade it to oreo and failed.

then i bought a galaxy tab s3 and came with pie . i downgraded it to Samsung Experience 9 and it worked! ( i was so happy)

then i bought a galaxy a9 and it shipped with Samsung Experience 9 😍! (very happy)

1 year later...

i wanted a note9 so i bought it and it came with ONE UI 2.1. 

then another one and it came with ONE UI 2.5

i gave up. (i would stick to one ui 2.1)

then i wanted a tab s4 so i got it...

and guess what.. it came with ONE UI 1.1

then i bought a gear s3... and it came with SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE 9 :party-popper:(Tizen 3)

i will forever hate one ui. 

i used a * so nobody would update to pie.

do you have a Samsung Experience phone? then reply here 

Also, don't update to pie/android10.