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Unable to hide navigation bar


Hi all. The software on mu new S9 was updated overnight and now I can't hide the navigation bar. Is there a workaround? Samsung customer support weren't any use! Thanks in advance. 

Untrue and actually the opposite for me. Mine expands app display over bar region.

Yeah so mine ia completeoy locked so i cant do that

This is what I did to get rid of the navigation bar after update: 

Step 1: Open Settings, scroll down  and click on Accessibility.

Step 2: In Accessibility, click on Installed services, then click on Select-to-speak and turn it off. 

Step 3: Now go back to your settings page and click on Display

Step 4: In Display, scroll down and click on Navigation bar, and change it to full screen gesture (this option wasn't available cos the select to speak was active). 

That's it. I hope it helps


Wow... I've just updated the software although I was avoiding it for over a year... because every update removes or changes functionalities.... what a disappointment really! Again !

Not only my favourite Theme looks completely different now but The navigation bar issue.... seriously, I really don't understand the point of removing the functionality of having a hidden navigation bar  area that you could swipe up to appear when needed . This gesture stuff is horrible, and basically when you wanna go back to previous page you have to swipe up on the right side which can cause to just swipe up the page, this is so stupid!!!!

And I support everything that has been said in the thread. Why give up on a perfectly working and intuitive functionality and give only these two options of swiping up or the ugly navigation  bar area that you cannot hide ... indeed why make efforts on making the phone's screen bigger if you mess it up later by such a stupid thing. 

Super disappointed one another time. And yes, such a thing may make me reconsider if I would buy a Samsung again next time.... please fix this with the next update and bring back the option to have a hidden navigation bar !!!!

Screenshot_20200424-112331_One UI Home.jpg

The problem with the navigation bar being on all the time is that when I go to the Samsung Daily page, I cannot see what is in the purple box.


Turn off the navigation bat works but I also have Samsung Pay set up and that uses the bottom gesture too. So you have to gesture on the right bit of the screen for it to work. 

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The solution isn't a solution really. It's more of it's no longer available use something else, we removed the dot for no reason 😞
Not the same, the double click on the app switcher doesn't work the same. You have to use gestures and they didn't think about ppl who don't like gestures. Should have just kept the dot. I hope they bring it back 😞

They removed it from the  notification bar how do i get it back

That's not an available option on my note8
No option ton toggle show navigation bar gestures just orientation l to r / r to l.
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