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Unable to hide navigation bar


Hi all. The software on mu new S9 was updated overnight and now I can't hide the navigation bar. Is there a workaround? Samsung customer support weren't any use! Thanks in advance. 


Actually, the OP didn't mention anything about gestures in their original post and the they only ask how to hide navigation bar.


Actually if you had read the full thread and not just the first post and decided to comment you would have seen that not only was your suggestion already explained in the second post but the OP had found this solution and was asking how to hide the navigation bar the way we used to have it. 


The thread than evolved by the time you commented into how we do not like being forced to use gestures over a system that was already working for us. 


I'm not a technophobe by any means a pick up rather quickly how to use software but still find gestures clumsy. Often having to swipe more than once or swiping to open a previous app to find the section where all app icons appear open instead. 


To remove buttons to give a phone a bigger screen and then add a navigation bar you cannot hide even when in a app is ridiculous and only shows how we have been forced to use their new feature whether we want to or not. 


I agree. Right when I get my phone just like I like it... The update happens and they eliminate the strangest things... Years ago it was the carousel of the home pages and now what was the lock on the navigation bar. I preferred to lock it "up" and some wanted it locked down. What was it hurting? Ughhhh. 


I agree, most of all I do not understand why this feature got removed since the new version defies the logic behind the infinity display....... really ugly and annoying look in most apps

Not the same
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The most annoying part of not being able to hide the navigation bar, is:

When you try to watch a video on any website, and you try to watch that video in full screen. Most of the times it shows the navigation bar. It doesn't hide. AND ITS WHITE. ALL THE TIME. Also when gesture mode is on, it still shows the navigation bar.


I'm scared to watch a video on my S10, because the chance to get a burn-in is possible.


Fix it. Plox.


Hey guys I found that it's in the quick settings menu now, if you swipe down and scroll to the right there is a setting called navigation bar, you have to turn it off. I'm on a note 9 so I'm not sure if it's different on the s10. It's not as convenient as when it was on the bar itself but at least there is a solution that isnt gestures.

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Seems they decided we like the nav bar there at all times. Huge Fail Samsung.

If they do not return to the optional press and hold option to hide the nav bar, I will look for a different phone soon when I upgrade to a new mobile. Whether it's Samsung or Android makes no difference. I WILL AVOID THEM BOTH. 


That is not hiding the notification bar, it simply enables gestures (it's a gestures button, swipe up from the center and you'll see it takes you to the homescreen). I'm playing Monster Hunter Stories on my S8+ and no matter wether I have gestures enabled or the regular notification bar, the spot where the notification bar should be stays black and unused. What is the point of the huge screen if we can't use it all and simply using it causes burn-in. My wife's s8 got burn-in extremely easy. With the old tiny dot when it was time and it was enabled you could use that notification space for videos or games. Now it's just wasted space. And I thought when I enabled gestures and hide the grey markers it would be fixed, NOPE didn't work? WTF Samsung?! 


I get really bad migraines 20 days out of the month. 

I have a theme on my phone that is dark which I really like and then when watching stuff with a dark scream I could just remove the navigation bar. 

I'm unbelievably light sensitive and now I'm stuck with this bright white bar beaming into my head. 

I'm actually really pissed off about it. 

Now if i want to watch videos I have to go into settings and change it to gesture and at the end go back in an turn it off. 

At least give us the option of the dot. 

Medically this is a huge issue for me. 

Bad form Samsung. 

Bad. Form. 

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