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Unable e to play during call in S9plus

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I got S9plus a week ago. At the very ist day i put it on and i backup data from my previous mobile all mobile data and apps got back. But at very ist day i got an error in playing videos n audios and a command come that "unable to play during call"

Then i thought it happened coz of backup then i factory reset and this time i did not backup any data n i use it normally but after installing 2, 3 apps from google play store. It make again problem with ringtones and playing video even do not play alarms  

I resolve it by restart the mobile but after few minutes i got again same problem. 

Is someone has the same issue and do any one has longterm solution . Reply


Hi @MR123.


As a full factory reset has failed to solve this issue, we would suggest speaking to the retailer for an exchange of the phone as you are still within te returns period.


Hey @MR123


Is this only happening when trying to play audio when you're on a call? 



No, i do not on call. It happend without any call. When i try to set my alarm n select alarm tones they do not play and say unable to play during call, while i am not on call. It also happen when i try to play any sort of video. It camera own video or other videos n also happend for audio n it's sound comes silent mode.
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I'm facing the same or a similar issue: 

No video from the gallery plays. Error: unable to play during call. No music either.

Video in WhatsApp or YouTube plays but voice comes out the telephone speaker, not the loudspeaker.

The same for bluetooth speaker /smart things interface: no sound.

Restart solved it three times, but I dont want to keep doing that. Solution??



I know this is a fairly Old Post, but I had just gone through this problem exactly on my S9 Plus.  After several days of troubleshooting, I found what the problem was. Google Chrome was taking over the audio. Even though there are no permissions in there to allow it to do so, all audio would play through the speakerphone and Bluetooth would not transmit. My solution what's the first go to Google Chrome click on app info and clear the cache. All the audio would immediately resume and I can continue to use my camera and all of their functions. That is, until I started using Google Chrome again and it would happen again. I have disabled Google Chrome for now browser and everything seems to work just fine and the problem has not returned

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