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Smart lock not working!


Please fix this samsung. It is PATHETIC  

I have to unlock my phone constantly when I'm home. I've set many safe locations where my phone should be unlocked, yet this rubbish feature doesn't work. 

I've reset cache, data, cleared all safe spots, started again, nothing doing. Useless .. 



It's working! I'll keep you posted if this changes.




Nope, location is exactly on my house. I've even had a dozen others around my house... Nothing works. I've tried every "solution"   and even replaced my phone for a new one, but this feature is broken. 


This only worked for one day. Overnight it was turned off after "4 hours of inactivity ." Haven't been able to get it to work again since. Galaxy S9 Plus.


This worked for me (setting the map pin)... even though it was exactly the same location on the map (and even though I have a work account on my phone).



Now if only the Smart Lock for Trusted Devices worked in my car. *sigh*


Only worked for one day. I'm so disappointed 😞

Same here. Worked for one day 😞
had this problem the whole 2+ years I had my S7 edge. It also doesn't work at all reliably on my Note 9.
It seems like biometrics is fighting smart lock and all the other options to auto lock / auto unlock are a confused mess and the poor software doesn't know whether it should be unlocked or not.
A better approach for defining a trusted place would be to assume it's a rectangle not a dot... ie enable set up of the boundary by going to the furthest corners of the building in sequence, registering each corner with smart lock as a boundary for the trusted place, until all four places have been noted. Thereafter smart unlock should happen whenever the device is within that boundary. That's how I'd design it to work if I still worked as a software developer.

Oh I have tried so many different suggestions I've found on  various forums. I think this is a security confusion issue and the simpler you can make things the better. I have removed a 'shared' gmail account with my partner and removed my own second fingerprint so I only have 1 recorded. No face or iris recognition and now it works pretty consistently not counting the first 3 logins for the day.

So my advice is to simplify.

Edit: Galaxy S9


@AndrewL wrote:
Hi @fredphoesh

Further to the advice offered by @Biker74 I recommend restarting your phone in Safe Mode to see if your Smart Lock issues persist. If not then the problem is stemming from a third party application which will need to be removed in order for the feature to function as intended. Turn the device off > Press and hold the Power key > Release the Power key when the S9 logo appears > Press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key > Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes booting.

A user cannot be expected to wipe their phones not knowing which, if any, of their apps is the cause for this behaviour.

I was having the same problem with the smart lock using trusted places. Uninstalled Samsung's Pay and it works like a charm. Thanks for the info.
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