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Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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That it does. I lost great pictures of my other half and my grand daughter. Showed them to him and my daughter they were great 5 mins later they were gone. I rescued 1 of them rest never got back. Kept telling me to format them wouldnt successfully format. Several days later it said it was corrupted. Though it is the first card that it still says theirs a card in it unlike previous ones. Cant say it's really an improvement but guess I'll see what happens with the next one lol. 

I WANT MY S7 EDGE BACK THIS PHONE SUCKS... just had to get that out of my system hahaha. 

Mine deleted a bunch of music too had to redo all my personalized ringtones. Twice now. I saved them to cloud moved them to my S7 so I can get them back if it happens again. 

Same here, I lost important and memorable photos days after getting mine...

I really think Samsung owes us an explanation! and some sd cards as well... It's a good thing I had all my music backed up and most of my pictures...  But to have it  corrupt are SD cards something isn't right especially after paying all that money for the phone! 

Agreed. But they haven't  even acknowledged that the problem exists,  let alone find a fix and reimburse for SD cards.

I know I agree I don't know if they ever will.  I thought I saw some were in the form that Samsung doesn't think it's there problem.  It's all of our sdcards are bad. Lol. Yeah right! 

Hey guys;


I had a software update today and since then there is no error message! 

I know it's too early to happy dance just yet but I regularly got error messages so I'm kind of happy that there was none today so far. 


I keep you updated!








Lost arround 150 pics and my sd card is in the garbage....and you know why?????


because your job SUCKS!

Do you know what software version you have? And what carrier? Thank you.

Screenshot_20180827-195625_Software update.jpg


It's Vodafone ~ I live in Ireland. 

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