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Samsung s9 android Pie Update Problems


i've recently updated my S9 to android pie + one UI


1.when i swipe up (new navigation bar) to recent apps, in horizontal view it always...go in to recent apps tab view -> wait awhile then switch to vertical view..which is very delaying + slowing down the movement and when im at a full view horizontal game and i decided to go to recent apps view i swipe up to recent apps, it goes from horizontal view to vertical view not instantly but delay and turn.


2. recent apps button after u swipe up or click, it always go to the recent apps view but in a second it will move to the last apps i used which i only wanted to see the recent apps not samsung helping me to 1.go recent apps 2.move to the last apps used (please note it does nt go into the apps just showing the last used apps view in recent apps tab view) 3.i need to swipe my screeen left to move back to the apps im using to close it..very annoying


3.the fingerprint reader reaction got slowed down, the whole ui got slowed down..



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good evening to all of my fans ... and to my foes... Ive become very popular on this forum and it looks like our friend is in his feelings and thats ok cuz every girl gets that time of the month . I dont really care about Samsung or their new update since I have a samsung running the old software once again and have my phone back . I just feel sorry for everyone Samsung has shafted with this new update.  My friend sounds as intelligent as Samsungs customer service agents dealing with this issue... going to bed now guys with 71% battery with a big smile god bless 

bla bla bla go pet your cat

@ozwaldtjustice wrote:

Jeff that may be so, however its what they can do. Starting with fixing all of the problems and returning at least to something in the ui that resembles the phone I paid for. Capitulation is not an option for me. Just because there is an android update does not mean the ui has to be changed wholesale. i.e. bixby, message app, settings, camera etc etc have nothing to do with android 9 they are Samsungs own apps. As a matter of fact, isn't Knox some of Samsungs bloat/crapware anyway? 

I *totally* agree with you on the UI part (as I've -I think ?- mentioned earlier; this should have gone in a separate, optional, update; not being shoved down our collective throats).


And, as far as I know, Knox is not a Samsung-only thingie; I might be wrong here, btw. Again, I understand their reasons behind that (or any manufacturer use of it) : there are legalistic reasonings here beyond our purview; for instance, if your device is a company-issued device, you might not want your employee to tamper with it. That's just an example, and again, I'm not sure that Knox is a Samsung-only thingie.




In my Samsung Galaxy S9, it wont show the update. My friend has the same phone and he told me that he already updated his phone, but in my phone when I check for new updates it wont show. Any solution to this?

I'll swap you!


Mine's updated, It works real good:winking-face:

My loaction setting is always turning off by notifications wouldnt work....the phone does not ring through my car system...but I can talk and here people


It has to be one of the most botched updates ever.....who released thsi without full testing....they should be sacked.


I am so pissed off that I will throw this phone ut and never buy another Samsung product again

Samsung completely REMOVED the Pro Mode for video recording, thus you can no longer manually adjust settings for ISO, white balance, focus, etc.


They have absolutely destroyed my interest in their phones by doing this and if they don't revert this theft I will not be upgrading to their S10 but instead I will move on to another brand that DOES care about their video content makers. This is 2019 and this is a 1000 euro so-called high end device that now no longer gives me the features and experience I paid for, which is absolutely unacceptable. If I wanted a simple "start / stop" camera with no adjustable settings and autofocus jumping all over the place, I would have bought a 10 euro camera from aliexpress or wish...

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After update all i see is recipients initial on a bubble on the left side and conversation on the right. Before you can send text message at ease. Now i have to go into the convo to see if its the right person that i want to send a text message to because i cant see the name anymore

I am also p****d about the way the contacts and messages are 

I have found that the headings in settings and also most of the dates in calender are unreadable due to the pale yellow colour. Can it be changed? I had to download a different calander to be able to read it. 

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