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Pie removes the option to disable Bixby button?


Since upgrading to Pie I can no longer disable the Bixby button, which is incredibly frustrating since the buttom is rather stupidly located directly below the volume rocker button...

Anybody else found this? Any workaround? Many thanks. 

Try Button Mapper, mate,

You have to use a laptop or PC to do it, but I've just tried it myself this evening and it 100% works!

I was new to Samsung with the S9 before Pie update.  I started using Bixby fully and enjoyed it mainliy in using voice commands to find and change settings on my phone.   BUT with the Pie update it totally broke everything I had come to depend on, Bixby was badly broken after the update.  So I was DONE with Bixby at that point and this forced spoon feeding to me Bixby is irratating as heck to put it mildy.  I just about threw my phone across the room when I couldn't disable Bixby...Hey Samsung, are you even listening!


This is garbage. They should allow bixby to be deactivated or even uninstalled


I totally agree, mate. We're buying these phones, not hiring then, so we should be able to add or remove features on our phones as and when we wish, as opposed to having them forced upon us and locked down!


This will be the last Samsung device I buy if this issue isn't resolved before my current contract expires.


Samsung, take note.


This has got to be the greatest invasion into your privacy in the history of mobile phones and technology,I think in most developed countries if you see you have to use Bixby and also observe that you must allow the cloud access to all your information you cannot turn off bixby,we should check the Law,as not givingb you the option of opting out of your privacy being invaded,I for one am sriously considerin g dropping Samsung related products as you must now allow them access to all of your family freinds conversations,years ago that was illegal and you needed permissions as a companhy or the law for angy information from some one I will carefully select my technology,for privacy they have no buisness knowing everything I do on my Phone,all KI can say is,Vote with your feet people as you cannot possibly trust everyone at Samsung with you personal ionformation or your family or friends

there doing more than listenning there saving all you info to tyhe cloud and have access to everything on your phone and you could not possibly trust everyone at Samsung were all getting rear ended by Samsun,If you get my drift
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