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Multi-window feature not available on S9+ pie update

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This morning I was frantically searching for the multi-window split screen but apparently the latest update no longer supports this feature. The new icons are hideous and now they decided to remove multi-window as well!!! Please bring back this feature bcos its really annoying when you can no longer multi-task on your phone. 😥

I agree I found myself today looking for Split Screen mode under advanced features and didn't see it. I thought I was looking in the wrong area. I used that feature a lot. Guys please bring it back it's a very useful feature.
Foreal why are they tweaking stuff that aren't broken. They should've left it alone I don't like this at all. I want split screen back.

You guys don't have it? 


Hit the recent apps button then when the apps come up hit the icon at the top of whichever you want, split screen is in the menu that pops up.

I found the split screen mode. Samsung walked me through to find it. Thanks guys.

Please help me

1) Click on the Menu that shows all open windows. Each slide has a round icon for the app at the top

2) Click on one of those round icons, there will be a short list of options, and one is 'Open in Split view'

3) Once one of them is open, the next will of course open in split view


I don't know what version you have, so I am not sure what your button looks like to open up to see all active windows, mine was to the left of the home button on my last phone, the one I have now is on the right. Good luck!

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Life saver

EVERYONE- This is much better: 

Download GOOD LOCK.

An app  madeby SAMSUNG to replace all the cool features that Android took away. It reactivates split screen view & One-hand-operation features, AND Pop up view back to how it used to be where you just swipe down from the corner, or hold recents button. Makes it work like the old Samsung 7/Note 8 used to. but it doesn't change anything else with your phone whatsoever. The only thing it does is allow you to swipe down from corner for pop-up view,  or hold down for recents for split view, or swipe up for one-handed operation. It also turns all apps on to be able to open up in pop-up view. right now Andrew wants you to go through one by one to try to turn them all on but this app does all for you automatically. It's a setting so you can tell it not to do that if you don't want it but there's absolutely no reason not to.

Thanks for sharing this info...I was wondering what happened to the multi-window feature! I had an S6 with the feature, & when I upgraded to the S9+, it took me months to realize it didn't have the multi-window option. Which led me to your post, so thanks a bunch!!
You're welcome! Good Lock also has other features that are cool as well.
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