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Mobile data not working after disconnection from WiFi


This fault occurred after the most recent update of my S9. When my phone disconnects from a WiFi network (whether manually or once out of range) my phone will display either a 4g or H+ but no data is sent or received and apps/browser will confirm the phone is offline. The only way I can get mobile data to work again is to either toggle it off and on or go into flight mode for a short time.

This happens on any WiFi network (home, work, public) and I have the auto WiFi switcher features tuned off. Has anyone else come across this issue? I reset my network settings but that hasn't helped. Would prefer not to have to factory reset to correct a fault which Samsung seem to have introduced themselves. 



Same problem with my note 9 and one of the last updates... LTE dont work after connecting to wifi. Only solutions is to reboot phone then IT start working again.


I have same problems on my Samsung S10 after the official software update on November 2019 still i can't use my 4g even if it shows full bars i don't get connected I have to switch manually to 3g only...
Are u still having the problem


My s9 plus started this after December 2019 update, the quickest way to connect is to put it in airplane mode for a second and turn airplane mode off and it connects 

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I have a  Samsung s9 I put my Vodafone SIM in put on mobile data it come up with h+ then went off so I try different SIM but nothing  on that SIM too just say on mobile data nothing on Facebook message say no mobile data pls help 

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