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Manual macro focus problem


I have the Exynos S9+ and I use the camera a lot, especially macro shots in pro mode.

I have noticed that there is a few centimeters difference in the closest distance that the camera can focus between the manual and auto focus.


With the auto focus or 'tap to focus' I can get as close as about 5.5cm

With the manual focus when dragging the slider all the way down I can only get about 9cm (this distance should also be 5.5cm).


I know it doesnt seems much but when taking macro shots 9cm vs 5.5cm is a lot and it makes the manual focus useless for me.

I have tested this with a friends S8 and both its camera's auto and manual focus modes are having a good close focus distance of 5.5cm.


I have also posted this problem on reddit and it seems only the Exynos models are having this issue:


Hopfully someone from samsung can help with this.


Here are some images to show the problem:






the problem persists after upgrading to Android P

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