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Is it possible to change the background of messages?

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So I got my S9+ this morning (upgrading from an S8) and I noticed the option to change the background of messages is gone. Has this feature been removed or is it still available under another menu? It's a shame that I can't find it because I really liked that feature from the S8. 


Thanks in advance for any help given.


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Also noticed with this new messaging app for my Note 9 you now can't


Swipe right a message to make a call


Also lock a message feature is gone




Those features you're referring to are from the carrier's messaging app (e.g. Verizon), not Samsung's.


To lock a message in Samsung's messaging app, just long press the specific message you want to save and touch "Star message".


In regards to jumping directly to the phone app to call a contact after reviewing a text, just touch the phone icon at the top right of the conversation window. Same difference. 


Actually we don't have Verizon in Australia and I only like using the Samsung message app


Was a lot easier if you could just swipe right on a contacts message to make a call (took one step)


And the star message thingy first I've heard of it, so thanks for the info, it use too be known as lock message on my previous Note 8


The lock message feature is still there, it was renamed. It is now called star message.


I'll tell you what's "easier":  While viewing a message or contact card, simply place the phone on one of those waxy audio detecting orifices on either side if your brain housing unit to automatically initiate a call. Just be sure Direct Call is enabled in the main settings under Advanced features. #NextLevelSht #LookMaNoHands!

I just got my phone yesterday and I'm upset that I cannot put a background picture on my text messaging I think I'm going to switch to some other text messaging system from Google Play Store. This is ridiculous! Samsung keeps removing things that are important to us. They also took away the option to have individualized notification tones for people who send you text messages! I'm really upset about that!
Yes! I feel the exact same way... Please add this feature back and please also add back the customize notifications for text messaging. I don't like to look at every single text message that someone sends some are more important and I'd like to have an individualized notification for those people.
I completely agree!

Nope, the option for customized notifications is still there. Just open the conversation settings located at the top right of the message contact and open Notifications. 

Yes, thank you! I later found that option. I did recognize that you cannot change your background for text messaging without selecting a theme or purchasing a theme. That was disappointing to discover. In addition, I just recently noticed that you can no longer schedule a text message to go out at a certain time.

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