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[How to] Get Bixby to say a Custom Confirmation Phrase After Completing a Quick Command


Hey guys,


Been really loving the extreme versatility Bixby's quick commands offer for getting stuff done on my Note 8. However, I've always wished it could be made more responsive when it comes to doing quick commands. That is, instead of simply showing the generic "All done" for every quick command it completes, it could say a nice user-defined confirmation phrase at the end encompassing all what it assisted in doing.


As it turns out, Bixby 1.0 is actually already versatile enough to do this :smileyvery-happy: Here's how I got it working on my Note 8:


1. Open the My Bixby page and go to Custom chat


2. Setup a custom chat with the custom confirmation phrase you want Bixby to say at the end of a quick command. For example, for my I'm driving quick command, I want a custom confirmation phrase where Bixby says "OK, your Note 8 is all set for driving"; so, I'd set that as the "What Bixby says" part of the custom chat, and I'd set something like "Confirm my phone is set for driving" as the "What I say" part of the custom chat. To make it more realistic, you can set up multiple different responses in the "What Bixby says" part of the custom chat.


3. Test the custom chat with Bixby so that you can confirm it sounds and works as intended, and it shows up in your history.


4. Add the custom chat command from your history to the end of the corresponding quick command.


5. Vuala :smileyvery-happy: now whenever you say that quick command, Bixby will give you a great confirmation that it has done all you wanted, just like a true assistant.


Hope that helps :smileyhappy:

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How can you do this on the new bixby


Oddly, doesn't appear to be possible in the new Bixby. The new Bixby is dumber and far less useful than the first. That's part of why I'm not updating my Note 8 to Android Pie.


Samsung seems to have hired someone from apple to dumb-down their software all around. From Samsung Internet that's now lacking the advanced video assistant extension, to Bixby that's less useful, to the Android Pie UI that's lacking features,  etc.


And Game Tuner being disabled...

I have the same issue right now. I'll see if I can sideload a modified version of the old bixby.


Are you kidding me that's the only reason why I got a Samsung phone over a Sony 🤬🤬🤬🤬


U can use iTranslate. For example,  tell him to translate u r the best to English 

Oi, you got a severe case of thread necrophilia here.
I think we all know you can use Google Translator (tf is iTranslate?) to read out stuff, but that is far beyond the actual question.
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