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How to disable charging connected USB device (S9)


Hi. when I connect USB flash drive to my Samsung S9, phone starts to charge this flash drive:

"Andriod system - USB charging connected device"

I am not able to turn this off in any way. This happens when I connect USB flash drive through USB adapter included in package or even USB C drive (dual USB A/C micro SD card reader). During the period it is connected the flash drive gets quite hot. I just don't understand why phone wants to charge a flash drive. Is there a way to turn it off? Thanks.


Model: SM-G960F

Android: 8.0.0

Samsung Experience: 9.0


Ishmo65 have you try to format the phone to see if this work? Because i wait to the new update Mai if this fix the problem and then i try to format my last hope will be to go to service and pay money for the song! Lol

read my last post properly ... i now have a new s20 ultra with the same issue as my old s9, so why would i format the s20 ? don't answer unkess you have something positive to contribute. btw: "format" is the same as the old "switch off/switch on" for PCs ... it's not a solution if the problem comes back again !

I have the same Issue.


I can read a samsung M2 1TB disk in an icybox enclosure with the samsung galaxy tab S6 just fine.


But not with the galaxy S20+.


Tried many ways and nothing... Samsung, what's the problem? Voltage? Would be nice to put some notofication in that case???


I have the same issue with a USB-C to HDMI converter.  Also on Note9.  I can tell you I did NOT have this before the Android 10 update.  I also have a Note8 that hasnt been updated to android 10 and still able to use the USB-C to HDMI converter.  I want to say this is an android systems problem.  

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