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Gmail delay notifications



I just bought a S9 last week. When the phone is in my hand and I am using it, I receive gmail notification and email right away, but when I put my phone aside after a couple of minutes not using it the notification/emails will arrive very late. starting from 10 min late until hours late. In additon If i take my phone in my hand and open it all the mail notification will arrive asap. It is as if my phone/gmail goes to sleep/standby mode when I do not use it. I tried everything. Delete data and cache. resept app settings. reset network  settings reset, setting reset. uninstall and install gmail again. I have no battery optimization on for gmail. sync on the phone is on and sync on gmail setting is also on. I tried everything that can be found on the internet but was not able to solve this issue. gmail sync is arriving very late. help would be very much appreciated.



That's also my experience. I have a weather widget which updates the weather info every 30 minutes and somehow it "wakes up" the Gmail app and force it to send a notification if a new e-mail has arrived within the last half hour.


Has anyone found a solution yet? I have a galaxy fold - new to android - and have been having the very same issue with gmail. So annoying. 


I've tried several possible solutions to fix this but nothing worked for me. Until now. I use mailclient Spike now on my Gmailaccount, and notifications arrive instantly.


This is because Samsung's battery optimization algorithm is very aggressive. I don't have a Samsung anymore, but I fixed it on both that I had. Locate App Permissions, click the 3 dots and select special access or special permissions. Look for battery optimization and search for gmail, and uncheck it. This will fix your issue


Another vote for Spike. 


I tried that, Samsung Email and Gmail. Spike gets the message within 15 seconds of me sending it from another Gmail address. The others take their time.


This is driving me insane. I need to get these notifications promptly from clients.


I have followed virtuall all suggestions in this thread, and tried the battery "don't optimise" setting for Gmail, among other things.


And just now I installed Spike and tried it out. I find it is anything like as impressive as reported above. When the Spike "ping" happens it happens fast, but sometimes the notification "ping" just doesn't happen at all.  This despite me saying "notify my of everything which arrives". [hasty judgement - see later post in this thread]


NB my phone is a Samsung J6 Duo (dual-Sim). I need the notifications for one of these SIMs only.  I've had this phone a long time. I have struggled on for years with the late notifications, which are intermittent and consequently utterly infuriating and baffling. 


A few days ago it took 45 m for a client's email to spark the Gmail notification (this was before I installed Spike). Yesterday though a notification took two hours to be delivered.


What this means is that I have now basically lost trust in the phone's ability to notify me when an email arrives into the Gmail account. I feel I have to keep checking manually every 15 minutes.


I first bought a so-called "smartphone" for the first time in 2012, and only did so for one reason: clients had started sending emails rather than ringing me about a job.


If anything, the unreliability now seems to be worse than in 2012.


I have never ventured into the Apple world, but if iPhones can solve this problem and Android system manufacturers simply haven't got the competence to do it, I shall have no choice.


This issue is an isolated issue with Samsung devices, other manufacturers do not have this issue. The only thing I can suggest is what I suggested before. Three dots on top of "Apps" Menu, special access, battery optimization, press the drop down tab and select "optimized" search for gmail and google play services and turn both toggles off

Thanks. I didn't know that it was specific to Samsung. Yes, both Gmail and Google Play Services are toggled to "don't optimise".

When you choose the "All" option for Google under "Optimise battery usage" you get a list of hundreds of apps. I wonder if some others should maybe be turned off? I'm going to try an experiment: turn all of them off (except for apps which clearly have nothing to do with it).

If what you say (about other manufacturers) is true I find it utterly amazing that Samsung are not taking this issue more seriously. Why is there not more outcry about this?



OK inspired by another thread on this subject, with 322 entries since 2018, I did a hard reset and reset my settings.


I disabled the optimisation for Gmail.  Not sure whether this has improved things.


Then I installed Spike (Spike Mail, from Playstore).  I sent an email to the Spike people yesterday and today they actually replied.  They told me that by default your "Other" emails (not from people identified as "important"), the notification is not made.


But... you can change this:


- open Spike app --> swipe right --> touch the settings gearwheel at the top right or the "Settings" menu item

- this takes you to a page called "Settings"

- to the right of "[your name]" there is a ">" symbol... touch this.

- this takes you to a page "Account Settings"

- there is an item there called "Other": touch the ">" symbol

- turn this to "Alert" ("Plays a sound, shows....")

- the sound is set to "Silent": change to some sound.


First experiments after this seem to show that Spike may in fact be  a good possibility. Gmail still sluggish or worse. 


I just don't get it. I have a theory that one might be able to turn off the optimisation on some other apps and processes if you look at the battery optimisation page, and select "all", you see that there are hundreds of these.


One approach could be to turn off optimisation for EVERYTHING and see whether the software is capable of responding to the delivery of an email.


I find this whole thing incredible. It's not like the emails are not appearing in the account, on the phone: you can see them right there, in front of your eyes, usually with a couple of seconds. But it takes this Gmail app absurd amounts of time to find out that anything's arrived. Surely this can't be that difficult to solve??????


Signed X. Asperated


Anyway I am monitoring results with Spike...

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