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Galaxy s9 Pie update - Display timeout - worst update ever!

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Hi all,

After updating to the latest software, one ui or pie, and the latest security update, some of my settings were changed.

I can not get my display timeout to save to any of the option settings.  I like to have the display on for at least 5 minutes before going dark. I can change the setting fine, it just reverts back to 15 seconds after some period of time. I usually notice it the next day.

Have I missed something here? I can not find a "Save Settings" button anywhere.

Thanks in advance.


Also, my ringtones were reset and I now have the most hideous icons EVER!

I hope an update is released soon to correct and restore the damage done.





I totally agree. I bragged and bragged about my Note 8 until this "Pie" update.  I feel like my device was replaced with another device that I would have never purchased. If this isn't fixed soon, I will never ever buy another Samsung device.  Especially after being shown how easily they can REALLY make me dislike what I originally purchased.  They're gonna loose lots of money behind this one. 🤔

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