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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie

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I have a problem when I listen to my favorite station after 2-3 minutes makes a holiday on the sound. When I light up the screen, it comes back for a while but then it does it again....:face-with-rolling-eyes:

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For me, just installing fixed it. 


I have a normal Touchcontrol (not Pro) in my Discovery Sport 2016, and installing the Bluetooth Phonebook app fixed the issues I had with my Pixel 2 Phone, which is running the latest version of Pie (5th June 2019 version). I have not changed any other phone options. I have not tested Messages, as I dont need em.


Bear in mind this is a Pixel 2 Phone, not a Samsung, but the issue I was having is identical.



Looks like we have a solution!! I've also had joy with the new app fix.


Disco sport  with S8. Listened to spotify for couple of hours straight,  calls made,  calls recvd. No issues.


Fingers crossed this is the answer for everyone.  Good luck  👍👍

I have a pixel 2 also. Is all that you did was install bluetooth phonebook? Any other settings? 

Can you please check if messages and or calls work, and also if dropouts occur? Thanks

All I did was install the app. Music and calls work perfectly . I have not tested messages as I don't use them..


Good luck.


i can confirm, have tried the bluetooth phonebook app on android 9, may update S9+, Jaguar XE. Works like a charm. Hooray!

i tried the same thing on my pixel 2 XL - DID NOT WORK

i am about to try on a note 9 and will post update on weekend.

I can validate that the note 9 works fine.

Sorry to bother you with a trivial question.

Did you install the app from the Google Play Store or from the Amazon App Store?

Based on the web site of the developer, the two sitew host different versions of the app.



Google play 👌
I used the Google Play Store version


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