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disappearing widgets

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Hi guys, i am having a very frustrating issue with my S9+. my widgets keep on disappearing. i have 6 different widgets, 2 on home screen (weather + google bar) and 2 widgets for emails and 2 other app widgets. everyday, i have a widget or 2 disappear. sometimes the weather is gone, sometimes both my emails, sometimes my music widget is gone. whenever this happens i have to restart my phone and i do this 2 to 3 times per day. i very rarely have a day without any widget disappearing. 

if anyone knows whats the issue, plz let me know as i cant find any link to someone having my same problem.

thanks in advance



Hey @Tarekh99


That's a strange one, let's see if we can get to the bottom of it.


Can you let me know what software version you have on your phone?

Settings > About Phone > Software Info > Android Version.


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Hello Tracy,

Just to be clear, i've had this issue for few months, and i updated my software last week hoping that it would work, but now its even worse, where i cant see the minimized apps that i have when i click on the left icon " III " in my bottom bar. 

i am currently on android version 9, and one UI version 1.0

Thank you so much 

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ my weather widget has started to disappear from my home screen.  I have to restart my phone,  but it eventually disappears again. I am wondering why this is happening..🤔


ever wiped the cache partition ? could be worth a try.

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I just transfered all my apps to a new S10 running Android 9 and I have the same problem.

None of the Beautiful Widgets display on my home page. And apparently this is supposed to be a feature of touchwiz...

I'm not really a fan of rooting a nerw phone but this is the kind of thing that would force an exception.

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I have a similar issue with a Note 8 (SM-N950F). My Yeelight widgets (lighting shortcuts) disappeared. This happend twice, every time I believe it was after installing a security update from Samsung.  The last patch I installed was the July 1 security patch.


Any way to restore the widgets? Any way to backup/restore them so that if it happens again I won't have to recreate all of them?

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After an Android update about 4 to 5 days ago?


I've experienced a variety of strange "behavior" from my Galaxy S9. Calls from tech support are being flagged as "Suspected Spam," and when the customer service rep actually begins talking, I have to set it up as a conference call between Suspected Spam and a 3-digit number which appears once the rep picks up the call. These appear in the standard Phone/Contacts with a grey, long-and-thin rectangular box: at its leftmost edge is an icon of an old-style (large) telephone handset, and the word "SMART" appears.


This morning when I rebooted my phone, my long-used Accuweather widget had vanished.


I was able to reinstall a Accuweather widget. But radically different from the one I've been using since I got this phone a little more than a year ago.


Yeah I can “get used to it.” But that's what everyone told me about the Galaxy S9. I see other people answer their Android phones simply by touching the green circle/telephone Answer icon. Me, I have to rapidly move a finger or stylus across it, or in circles around it.


I've turned off all possible security features like PIN, block codes, fingerprint sensor etc. as I am physically disabled, have poor hand strength and dexterity...this only causes both Android and apps to repeatedly nag me with "your phone is not secure" errors, and I continue to struggle to answer my phone before the caller hangs up. Samsung customer service have used Smart Tutor to log in remotely to my phone, on multiple occasions. Ultimately the outcome—in nearly all instances—is, "sorry, the phone (or Android) is just made that way. You'll have to live with it."


I loved my LG G5. I know the tech press labelled it a "lemon," because of its port for hardware accessories which were rejected by the market. But it was simple, I understood it, and its sound quality—for both calls and music—were  outstanding.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a tremendously-detailed and beautiful screen, but I can barely see it. The so-called "best Samsung shop in town" (forget the Xfinity store; the staff were both incompetent, and verbally abusive to customers) didn't bother cleaning either the screen, nor the screen protectors: before installing the latter. From day one, my phone has looked as if it's years old and never cleaned. What happened to call the once-ubiquitous cellphone kiosks? Even before the pandemic, I tried all over the city to find someone who'd put on a new screen protector for me. And failed. The only Samsung location other than the $$$ shop near my neighborhood (the ones who botched it) told me over the phone they wouldn’t work on anything unless everything about it had been bought directly from them. (I don't have the skill to do it myself. Have never needed to.) I'm talking about pre-pandemic days: when it was still possible to obtain services. Now, I expect I'll be fortunate if the phone simply doesn't brick itself by the time "things get back to normal," as everyone keeps saying. If they ever will...


To be fair, the activation of the phone was botched by Comcast/xfinity. They and CenturyLink are the only sources of broadband internet (for residential customers) in my medium-to-large sized city. Both corporations have absolutely horrendous customer service and poor throughput. Living in an apartment built in the '50s—with electrical and phone infrastructure hardly (if at all) updated since that time—it's almost impossible to use streaming services like Netflix here. It works, but the image quality is sub-VHS: unless there's a close-up with no action. As soon as anything begins to move quickly on-screen, everything bursts into random pixels. My brother lives in a nearby city with fiber-optic right up to your home; he has no problems.

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i have a similar problem, but just on the widget edge. Whenever I open the edge it says click to add widget, and when I click the configuration menu already have my widgets there. Anyone else have this issue?
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