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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Currently ALL newer flagship models are affected by delayed notification issue for at least past 6+ months,  which started happening after around may 2018. Most devices are affected such as: S7, S8, S9, Note 9 and similar.

This is related to "doze" feature of android phone, where samsung optimization whitelist options are not working correctly thus affecting almost all samsung phones.


The issue  is reproduced during following scenario:


1. User locks phone, waits around 5m

2. App sends notification (which is not marked as PRIORITY in google push services).

3. User does not get notification

4. User unlocks phone, and suddenly multiple "delayed" notifications arrive.


Multiple users has reported the issue and tried various workarounds such as:


- Disabling battery optimization for certain apps

- Disabling all battery optimization options

- Making sure "WIFI" connection is always maintaned, even during sleep mode

- Making sure DATA connection is always maintaned

- Restoring device to factory

- Totally replacing devices with new ones.

- Wiping cache and similar


There is currently only one temporarly solution working, which is disabling doze using adb console. This workaround is temporarly and works until next reboot. It requires setting phone to debug mode and connecting to it.


"adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable"


Samsung reaction:


Samsung is totally ignoring the technical issue since at least 6 months or more. There are multiple threads all over the web about such problem existing. Examples:











The issue is making phone totally unusuable for people who rely on instant notifications, such as alerts related to financial services like declining stock rates and similar. I dont understand why such critical thing like delivering notifications in time is totally ignored by samsung. The issue is not present on any other android phones.




If you have ability to contact someone of samsung development team, please forward this thread to make sure there will be finally reaction. Please reply to this thread if you have same issue.

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Hi again,


So, here is my test after uninstalling samsung health.

It did work for me for couple of days then I realized that it is getting delayed again. and today after ~5 days, the delay is back with 10 to 15 min delay in notificaitons.

PNF was working good for me so, I would go for combination of both, installing PNF and uninstalling samsung health.


Good to know it is working for other, so, please keep giving the feedback if this is really the culprit.




Hi. I got my notification working instantly for 2 weeks straight now by removing samsung device health service(no icon in app drawer) and google device health service. I uninstall this two apps by using TB and rebooted. Currently still working like a charms. My device is running one ui android 9. Please i hope you try it also and give feedbacks


By the way this issues does not only happen on samsung devices, it also happen widely on huawei and mostly xiaomi. I had 3 xiaomi device and push notification were really bad there even i tried so many possible things related to disabling battery saving, apps, kernel etc but to no vail unless you got the android one version. Da*n miui extreme battery saving. So did huawei devices, followed the instruction given on don't kill my apps web. It only lasted 1 day. Then the issue comes back. So if you are planning to ditch samsung i need you to think twice. Its not totally samsung fault. Its a fault by google itself.


it's good that we managed to solve the problem, but i use samsung health regularly to run, so i'm on non-stop mobile data and still have messages coming. Anyway, congratulations on finding this out


Same here with my Note 9. I tried everything, nothing worked permanently. Also contacted the support. Just got basic troubleshooing advices. Nothing helped of course. Very VERY VERY!!! frustrating!!! A 1000€ phone and so basic things are not working. SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG!! 

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I have same issue. I own Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, my wife has iPhone 8. Whenever I get any email, my wife is getting notification right away  (she is logged to same account) and my phone shows notification after 5 to 20 minutes. It is very annoying actually, because we need faster notification if there are customers contacting us. For 1400$ phone I was expecting highest quality, versatility and the fastest actions with no lag.


I'm a little bit disappointed. I hope it will be fixed in new Android 10 / UI 3.0


Not installing Samsung Health "sort of works" most of the time but not always, sometimes notifications are still late. While testing this I noticed another (related ?) issue:
If I program an event with zero duration in Google Calendar I get no “at time of event” notification from my google calendar app on my Galaxy S9+ smartphone. If I program additional notifications for that same event (a few minutes before the event) those additional notifications do appear on the phone but the notification programmed for “at time of event” does still not appear at all. Have you tried zero-length events in Google Calendar ?


Its not Samsung Health we are talking about. Its Samsung Device Health with no icon in app drawer.  You might get confuse. Anyway disable or uninstall also the Google Device Health. Its the same with Samsung Device Health.Screenshot_20191114-004330_Settings.jpg



Ahah ! That's different indeed.

I cannot find any app under the exact names "Samsung Device Health" or "Google Device Health" on my Galaxy S9+ but there is an app called "Device Health Services". I presume that's the one you mean ?

I cannot uninstall it but I can disable it. Please confirm.


Yes that is correct. That is the app name. Disable it and restart your phone. You might also want to disable the exact same name but has google naming in it like Google Device Health. If you cant find one,maybe its not pre installed on your device.


Thanks. I only found that one "Device Health Services" app and I disabled it then rebooted, I have no "Google Device Health" in the Apps settings. I will provide feedback after testing for a few days. Regards.

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