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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Currently ALL newer flagship models are affected by delayed notification issue for at least past 6+ months,  which started happening after around may 2018. Most devices are affected such as: S7, S8, S9, Note 9 and similar.

This is related to "doze" feature of android phone, where samsung optimization whitelist options are not working correctly thus affecting almost all samsung phones.


The issue  is reproduced during following scenario:


1. User locks phone, waits around 5m

2. App sends notification (which is not marked as PRIORITY in google push services).

3. User does not get notification

4. User unlocks phone, and suddenly multiple "delayed" notifications arrive.


Multiple users has reported the issue and tried various workarounds such as:


- Disabling battery optimization for certain apps

- Disabling all battery optimization options

- Making sure "WIFI" connection is always maintaned, even during sleep mode

- Making sure DATA connection is always maintaned

- Restoring device to factory

- Totally replacing devices with new ones.

- Wiping cache and similar


There is currently only one temporarly solution working, which is disabling doze using adb console. This workaround is temporarly and works until next reboot. It requires setting phone to debug mode and connecting to it.


"adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable"


Samsung reaction:


Samsung is totally ignoring the technical issue since at least 6 months or more. There are multiple threads all over the web about such problem existing. Examples:











The issue is making phone totally unusuable for people who rely on instant notifications, such as alerts related to financial services like declining stock rates and similar. I dont understand why such critical thing like delivering notifications in time is totally ignored by samsung. The issue is not present on any other android phones.




If you have ability to contact someone of samsung development team, please forward this thread to make sure there will be finally reaction. Please reply to this thread if you have same issue.

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Hi. I've got same trouble on my note 9.

What do you mean by "uncheck. Remove (whatsapp) from apps not optimised? Thank you

My friend. What do you mean by "uncheck" do it mean by remove whatsapp to apps not optimised. Can you give me a screenshoot. Thank you
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I do it all in one package. And its work

1. Hard factory reset

2. Use a new google account to running device

3. Special access>optimise battery usage. Turn off notification which not response or delayed  to APPS NOT OPTIMISE

4. From apps menu. Choose notification which is not running. Click and find mobile data. Turn on allow app while data saver on

5. From notification menu.  Find recently sent. Turn off (sms) or blocked message

May it help to all. Thank you


Concerns Samsung S9 ... I bought a wifi doorbell (Down 100Mb / sec Up 102Mb / sec) but it is unreliable because the message (in lock mode) on my S9 sometimes lasts between 5 and 20 minutes ... Unlocked works perfect ... I searched the internet for 2 weeks and tried the most crazy things ... In addition, I saw that there are thousands of complaints about notifications, and I don't understand that Samung does NOTHING about this !!! I TRIED OUT THE DOORBELL WITH AN IPHONE AND LG AND HERE THIS WORKS PERFECTLY ?? ...

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Anyone have any new tips and tricks to solve this issue? :smiling-face: I know it's not a Samsung issue, it involves all Android phones I've tried and nothing, absolutely nothing works. When I have the charger connected all notifications comes instantly. And also it has to be mentioned that it doesn't occur with every app, some apps delivers notifications immediately, and for other apps it can take up to 10-15 minutes. If the phone have been locked for a long time notifications can be left out completely for some apps. It's a huge problem and I don't understand why Google ignores this.

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My facebook and my gmail sometimes still delays. But whatsaap don't. I did clear data on message (sms) setting 


Nothing new that I've heard of.  I still have to USB into my phone and run "adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable" any time it restarts, so I just never restart it anymore.  😕  I don't know why they're ignoring us.  Is it a trick to get people to buy the S20?


Well, that's not gonna be it, i've came here because of i have this issue with my S20 🤣 😭

Alongside with battery draining.


:smiling-face:  but also 😞   What the fluff!?  It still happens next-gen?   Well, they obviously don't monitor or respond to these forums.  You'd think they'd have a social media manager or something to at least be like "you should contact support at this number".


Hi can you post detailed instructions how to put phone into debug and run "adb...."?  Have a Note 20 and it is horrible with notification delays.

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