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Can't switch from Wifi to Mobile data automatically


(Samsung S9+)When i'm connected on Wifi everything works fine,but when i get out of range it switches to mobile data but no internet is available.I see that there is no ip address also.I have to swith to airplane mode on then off ,then the phone will conect on mobile data.Anyone else has or had this issue?It's annoying,i'm planning to return this phon if this issue is unsolvable.


Seems like it's a global issue...and it;s not dependet from the carier.

Do you see these options in your meny?

because i dont...

There should be a patch for this because it's really anoying.


Yes, I do. Currently WiFi calling is enabled with "Mobile network preferred" option. I can try disabling it and testing if it solves the problem. (You have to give me a day to wait it out though)


Trust me it'wont solve your issue. It's a global issue.But it wont hurt you to try...please give a response so this issue can be solved.



P.S i did not have thiss issue until i installed the latest updates...


OK I'll write to you tomorrow :smiling-face:

Having the same issue since the latest update. I've reset the network settings without any luck but haven't reset the phone yet. Really frustrating from Samsung!

Hi there @xxmicrocutsxx 


I dont know why that update messed things up.So you are saying that you have this problem since you installed the latest update?i guess last update 1 June 2018?

This is deffinetley a samsung problem,because

-it has nothing to do with the mobile carrier no matter if the card is from T-mobile,O2,Virgin....

-Samsung Galaxy S9+ single sime and duo sim have the same problem.

-All problems happen when you install the updates for voWifi and voLTE

-Happens only on SM-G965F models maybe?


I suggest you report this problem to samsung,(i have reported and others too so they can make a patch/fix for this issue)

And please keep me updated if you have any response from samsung support for this issue.


I have also SM-G965F /DS(dual sim) and i think only this serie of the phone has this problem...



Can you chek if your phone is SM-G965F model?

Hi, thanks for the reply. My phone is the S9 single SIM model SM-G960F. The previous voLTE update worked ok on this model. It was only on the latest update that I left my house after being connected to my home WiFi for a maximum of 15 minutes and found my phone was completely offline. Pretty useless as a phone if I have to remember to reset the data connection all the time.
I made a fault report but I will try to connect with customer services later today too.

@xxmicrocutsxx @Nacora @ChrisM

I reported this maybe 10 times,but i think that they are not aware that this problem persists.So the more people report this issue maybe they will make a patch for this...

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