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Call screen switching off when I press call

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Very disappointed so far with the new s9 I got on the day it came out and miss the s7 edge, so considering going back to it@!! Anyway already had to download SwiftKey keyboard as the Samsung keyboard didn't work with prediction etc, so SwiftKey highly recommended BTW, so now I need to find out how to stop my screen switching off completely as soon as I press call. Its not because of having my phone next to my face because I'm calling with it on my worktop! Any ideas? I've gone into settings and can't find anything 




This predictive text issue can be resolved by simply downloading the new update on the Mange input launage section 

within the Samsung keyboard setting's also your device will turn black whilst on call. This is to stop any button's been

pressed whilst on the call. use the lock screen button on the device to reopen the device.  also try changing your

screen timeout settings within the display setting's.


Hi, the home button doesn't work on that I have to press my on off power button. I've changed the screen timeout to the maximum and it doesn't work still. It's very annoying when you need to use the keyboard when on a call 

Same problem with screen, so solution yet!

There should be an option so screen NEVER blanks, even when on a call. Without thinking to hards here's are some reasons why:

1) Often when on a call I am required to use the keypad to enter numbers

2) Often I am using phone one handed while on a call.

3) Often I need to check "info"

4) Often I need to look at photos while talking.

5) etc...


Samsung's paranoia on Battery usage is OTT. Because I manage my phone usage I have no trouble getting my S9 though the day, usually at 50 - 60% at end of the day. 


Summary: Samsung really should add a simple setting to completely override screen blanking, for all use cases, even when on a call. The only override should be a brief push on the power button to blank the screen. Please !


I've just changed the cover on my phone from a 360 degree silicon case and now in new case when I move the phone away from my ear it unlocks the screen by it's self. Going to take a long time to get use to not have to press the power button to wake the screen up 

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