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Bug in Super Slow Motion





Bug in Super Slow Motion
Mehrfach Aufname.

Nach der Slow Motion läuft das Video weiter es belibt aber kurz stehen.

Ich kenne 7 andere Leute die das gleiche Problem haben, also wird das nicht an meinem Gerät liegen.



You can also test it yourself.

Open the camera app.

Go to the gear on the top right.

There at Super Slow-Mo (that's very important)

Put on multiple recordings.

Restart Camera App


Then go into slow motion mode.

Press recording (you only need to hold the camera against a lamp, it will react to the alternating current and flicker)

Then press the Slow mo button, then let the video recording continue for a few seconds.

Stop pressing and now take a look at that.


Superuser I
Superuser I
Lol, on the S9+ of my aunt it doesn't happen. 😐
Android 10
One UI version 2.0

ᐯIEᒪE GᖇÜßE, ᑎᔕᑭᖇOᗪ

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