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Android pie beta program


Does anyone know if Samsung are launching a beta program for Android pie? The early builds are out. 

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Yea you will need to flash to a non carrier version of android 8.

If you download Sam firm and put in your device details and location code it will download the correct version for you.


Took about 5 mins for me

@CR32 wrote:

Okay I've just register for the one ui programme gone to software updates and nothing yet is that normal? When will it come thru? Help 

For me after 10 minutes.. 

Me too.  S9+ from Samsung store on EE network, registered in the Members app in the UK. 


No.sign of the download yet will be checking.


Have space on the device and updated all apps. 


Waiting now. 


I installed the zip file ( the one on here) and  now was able to register do I get the newer update after registration?  

Yeah I've wanna know that too

No idea mate..

In theory, yes you should get the update if you have been allowed to register for the programme. In practice though it may not work that way, but with any luck....

My update wasn't available straight away. I closed all the apps and then tried again and it worked. So far all is well

Did any of u lose any data or stuff on sd card after installing this beta? Mine is still downloading :smiling-face:

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