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Android pie beta program


Does anyone know if Samsung are launching a beta program for Android pie? The early builds are out. 

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Trooper no worries bruv when offical beta will come out we can switch. At the moment we can have some beta thanks to some smart ppl over here

That's true buddy ๐Ÿ‘ we can explore the new stuff and be ready for it when it comes out 


Samsung have changed their website for the UK Beta release. It no longer says 20th Nov. It's now 'Coming Soon'







@JamieWarren wrote:

@Abiodun wrote:


did you download from mega on you phone or computer, because i have the s9 and evry time i try the s9 file i get th error.

i downloaded on my phone and then moved to the SD card - have to say my experience is the same as the other poster, apart from Google Pay not working... 

from Mega?



I flashed the .zip file and its all fine


Things that don't work are Google pay and Samsung members beta feedback doesn't work but I can manage with that just think that means we we won't get OTA


๐Ÿ‘€ when U tap back button on home page to close apps it looks like the same as an iPhone ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘


I 'll just wait till it's released properly 


Hi do you have a link I can use to flash this one ui to my Sm-G965F please..... ? Thank you 


I am on ee , my phone is G960FXXU2BRH4  , where do I find the update to change the beta update.

Hi there. Can you post the link you have used for this beta .zip. I confident to flash it to my S9+ via recovery mode my firmware is November 2018 build number ending BRJ6 and the zip I was given just don't load from my SD card.... Thank you
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