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s23+ phone purchased in United Arab Emirates is painfully slow when on mobile data in Ireland

(Topic created on: 29-12-2023 11:17 AM)
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Hello I purchased an s23+ from a registered Samsung dealer in Abu Dhabi. I was assured at the time that it would perfectly in my home country which is Ireland. While on Wifi its super fast as you would expect but when using Mobile Data its so slow it doesn't function. I contacted Samsung for help and they suggested I bring it to a service agent to see if they would do an out of warranty repair to replace the antenna as they felt the phone might not be picking up the European bandwith. They service center would not even look at it for me, saying the phone would have different parts. So I now have a very expensive phone that will not work on mobile data , It was purchased in good faith and I feel lied to by the sales team and let down by Samsung as there appears to be no way to get it working properly available to me here in Ireland.

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This is the problem with purchasing products overseas, the warranty is only valid in the country of purchase.

It's a risk to take when purchasing overseas for use in another country. The seller will promise you the world as they want to make a sale

I brought a GW5 Pro from the US, I live in UK so no warranty. I havent had any issues with my watch and touch wood continue to have none
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As @-Robot- has said.
Its a gamble buying overseas. False economy.
Many places will have diffences in hardware and software for different regions.
Not to mention you won't have warranty cover.
The network you are using may not have all the bands needed in the phone, to work in the area you are. Hence the slower service.
Unfortunately there's nothing much you can do about it.

To be brutally honest, it's a case of doing your research before you decide to buy.
Its well documented in most forums about purchasing abroad.

Samsung won't stock any of the parts if required here. You'd have to change the software if you replaced the atennas. It's possible that the connections could be different on the PCB.

The sales staff at the retailer you purchased from may not have been aware.
I have imported phones from abroad before, but I looked into it and found a retailer that would flash European ROMs onto the phones. But I was aware to check the network bands and ask questions.
I can understand the frustration you feel. But you must do research before buying any electronic goods from abroad
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Does this happen in one area or everywhere @Members_16lTTGd  ?

As a process of elimination can you try your sim card in another phone and then see what happens and if possible try another sim card in your phone , perhaps another networks sim card. 

In your status bar what icon do you see i.e h+ , 3G 4G etc ?

If the phone is trying to connect to 5G then you can turn this off usually in Settings and Connections. 

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