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It is safe to leave smartphone on wireless cahrging?

(Topic created on: 21-02-2023 06:59 AM)
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Comrades, I want to use wireless charging on my S23 ultra permanently at work with a limit of 85%. Does keeping your phone on wireless charging all the time affects battery life? After reaching 85%, the power bypasses the battery, just like in the game booster settings? Or is the battery constantly charging and draining, thereby reducing the resource?

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Probably the same as a wired charger. Just be sure to watch over how the battery percentage is
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I leave my phone on the wireless charger overnight. Have done with all my wireless enabled phones
Not had any issues myself.
That said I use Samsung wireless chargers, and they stop charging when the phone is full. Not sure about other third party chargers
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I never charge my phone overnight. As it might only require a couple of hours and is left for 7 hours. Or until you take it off charge.
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I have left phone charging overnight wirelessly and wired, it should stop charging when full.

I only use Samsung accessories on my phone and have done so for years without issue
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Wired charging is considered to be more efficient  and wireless charging has the potential to generate more heat. However the best ones have a cooling fan and if at moderate speed not likely to be a great deal of difference.

Some information here 

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A very subjective topic @Floppik 

Everyone has their own preferences. 

Leaving the phone on wireless charging overnight is fine.

This is my preference too.

The phone will only draw what power it needs to keep it topped up to 100% or to 85% if you've chosen that battery setting.

I also only use Samsung Wireless Charging Pads and stands.

If using a 3rd party option just ensure it's a known make.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Sandel Douglas
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It seems Samsung accessories should be only use for Samsung based on majority reply. I have not yet use the Samsung Wireless Charger yet I just recently order this morning. But I was using some generic wireless charger or  non Samsung wireless charger on my S23 Ultra i notice it is heating and knowing that my hard case was metal  and rubber when ! removed the cover case the handset itself is hot so i suggest to use only Samsung Wireless Charger only not other brands especially  unknow cheap ones or generic.

Once I received the wireless charger I order from Samsung Online will write down and share my review observation.