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In browser video playback, there is no way to skip forward/backward by double tapping?

(Topic created on: 07-03-2023 10:35 AM)
First Poster

I have just started using my new S23 Ultra. Having come from an S21 Ultra, I realized one feature is curiously missing:
Previously, when watching a video in the browser, I could tap the left side of the screen to backtrack 10 seconds and the right side to forward 10 seconds. It's much easier than dragging the tiny seek bar at the bottom to skip unnecessary stuff with this.
When I used my old phone, I used this all the time, but it's gone on the S23U. Several browsers, including Chrome, system browser, Edge, and Opera, have been tried. Various sites I've tried all use the same system-embedded player, which I never had on my old phone.
Can we resolve this? Is this how it will be going forward?
Furthermore, I've noticed that when orientation is locked and I turn the phone sideways, the small shortcut icon will only appear when the video is not in full-screen mode, which was not an issue on previous phones.

Unfortunately, I have already traded in my old phone.