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Ghosting/blurring/distorting text while scrolling

(Topic created on: 18-02-2023 06:12 PM)

I got my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra yesterday. The phone is super fast and smooth. But there is one very annoying issue. While scrolling on Facebook, LinkedIn, messengers, and browsers, the text is distorted by a sort of ghosting effect on the horizontal parts of words. It looks like text duplicates and overlaps itself a couple of pixels lower the original row. It hurts the eyes so much because they try to focus on the unfocused text by inertia. It makes my personal experience with the phone unbearable. I use low brightness and Comfort for Eyes Mode + adaptive refresh rate. I've tried to change brightness, font size, and refresh rate (despite such settings weren't comfortable for me), but nothing helped. I've never experienced such stuff before with my old phones (the latest phone I switched from is OnePlus 8 Pro).

Does anyone know what can help in this situation? If I don't find a solution these days, probably I'll return my S23 Ultra. Because for this money, performance must be flawless. 

#S23Ultra #ScrollingIssues

First Poster

I just got one in my hands today and noticed it right away. It’s really annoying. I think Samsung is using bad bad quality panels on these devices.


Just checked a few S23U in stores as I was planing to buy one. That was the first thing that I immediately noticed. Also compared to my iPhone 14P which also has it to some extent but not nearly as visible. Came here to check if others where also noticing it. Also scrolling felt off in chrome and some other apps.

Turning down the brightness is the first thing I do when checking devices in stores. Maybe that’s why I immediately noticed it. Felt like it throttled down its refresh rate after doing some intense camera testing. Chrome and the Google Discover Feed felt like it was at 60-90hz… the blurryness / smearing while scrolling became even more visible. This definitely made me NOT buy the phone atm.