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Any regrets ? S23U upgrade

(Topic created on: 20-06-2023 09:27 PM)
So the upgrade deals right now are extremely good... I have sat at home with baited breath for months since the pre-release in February, with my much loved S21 ultra in hand. 

On one hand I would love to get my hands on an S23 ultra... and on the other hand I have got so attached to my S21 ultra that I am not sure I want to say goodbye 😃

Currently it is possible to get £400 trade, £200 cashback redemption, free buds pro2, and additional extras for Disney+ 6mth and 15% accessory discounts. 

My logical brain says with over ~£800 off the price that currently there is not a better time for an upgrade. 

My question for all the forum regulars... 

Any disappointments between S21/S22 and the new S23u ? Anyone think the upgrade was not particularly worthwhile ? 

What colour would you go with if you could choose again ? Would you change the colour you chose now you have owned it for a while ? 

I quite like the thought of lime green or light blue special edition colours for a more outgoing choice ... or perhaps the lower key option with green or phantom black. Maybe the bright colours enthusiasm might wear off😉 

Close to pulling the trigger...

- Smiley
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I went for s23 128gb base model no plus or ultra

I had s21 plus it did work plus traded it fir regular s23 no regrets
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I loved my phantom silver s21 ultra @smiley. No regrets for me, absolutely love my s23 ultra lavender 👍.
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If the S21 Ultra meets your needs. Why not keep it a while longer.
The promotions are there to obviously tempt you

Personally I love my experience with the S23 Ultra. Have the Sky Blue, and don't regret it.
Had the phone since launch.

Specs wise, the new phone will be better. The S Pen is a handy feature for me as well.

The S23 Ultra is clearly a different shape and one some are not keen on.
But this is one of those situations where you are going to have to get hands on with the phone, to see how you feel.
Consider the S23 plus as well.
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I would go for the s23 with that chance in hand. I love my s21U but I know its running out of grace
Moved from the s21 ultra to the green s23 ultra. Definitely recommend the upgrade as the improvement in battery life is brilliant. The phone easily lasts a day or two, half the time I get away with charging the phone in the car to top it up and that's it. I love the green colour and would personally pick it again.
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I am exactly in your place.
But still can't justify the price for a little bit of update.
Also I just spent on a PC so I am gonna wait it out for the 24 ultra or the S25 ultra.

As usual I am also eyeing up what the new iPhone will bring to the table (although I never seem to buy them)
If Samsung does some AI stuff with the S24 ultra then I am in.

Also it didn't sort out it's camera lag in the S23 ultra. Camera assistant is not that fun.

I keep saying Samsung hardware is good . They need to stop this megapixel nonsense and instead give us a 50mp camera shooter that blows iPhone or any other phone out of the water at any level of zoom.
And bring back variable aperture. (Manual would be even more awesome)
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Hi @smiley 

Personally I've had no regrets / buyers remorse since purchasing my Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra which is the 512gb version in Phantom Black.

I pondered over the graphite variant but elected for phantom Black as this better matches my go to choice of case.

I also have the Samsung Black Leather clip on case and the official Samsung Tpu Screen protectors.

I traded in my Samsung Z Fold³ and claimed the £200 cashback.

The promotional JBL Bluetooth Speaker was delivered with the phone.

I still have my Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra as my back up phone.

The Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra is such a polished product in many ways. 👌 

I held off pulling the trigger because I wanted a good promotional deal to which the trade in and cashback offer did this for me.

I'm confident you won't be disappointed  😎


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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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Even Samsung is selling the S22ultra at rock down prices. I think they are trying to get rid of what stocks they have before the new models come on stream
If you are in the UK or Europe, you will probably have the Exynos chip in your phone. If so, it's DEFINITELY worth upgrading to the S23 Ultra as you will get the Snapgragon 8 gen 2 which is far superior to the Exynos. That was the main reason I upgraded.