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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AnTuTu Benchmark Test

(Topic created on: 05-03-2022 01:41 AM)
The last test; Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AnTuTu Benchmark Test
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This post will likely trigger the Samsung hating Trolls posting links to websites.
But people are getting really good results with their phones, despite the links that will be posted in the replies.
I think in the long run now more people are getting them, they are happy with using them and getting decent results.
There unfortunately will be a minority of units that go rogue. But all manufacturers get them.
I think Samsung should do well with the Exynos this time round and I will very shortly find out for myself.
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As someone who owns and uses both the S21 and S22 Ultra, I can say that gaming performance is in general faster on the S22 Ultra. However there are games unoptimised and do not render or perform properly on the new chipset. With time, hopefully these issues will be resolved.

Also like to add, both the results in that video are a clear 100k lower than I achieve with both my devices.
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I'm happy with my Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb in Phantom Black.

I've been using the phone from the 21/2/22 and haven't experienced any negative issues with the phone.

Screenshot_20220305-052335_Samsung Internet.jpg

I totally understand and appreciate other owners have experienced problems which some have been addressed by the March update.

I did run a Geekbench 5 test as I was replying on another thread but in all honesty I do not read too much into these types of benchmarks as they do not in my personal opinion give a true perspective on how a phone works for the user.



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