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NFC Payment Not Working (refurbished insurance replacement)

(Topic created on: 16-11-2022 12:11 PM)
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Hi, I recently received a "new" refurbished phone from my insurance company following mine being stolen.

Everything has worked fine, but unfortunately NFC payments with Google Wallet are not. When I place against a reader it vibrates and beeps as if it is going to work but then says "Try Again" and does this repeatedly until I remove it away from the reader.

It is as if the reader can't quite find the NFC in the phone / the signal is being blocked.

To confirm:

- I don't have a case or anything in the way of the NFC, I am also placing it correctly, I had this phone before with no issues using this

- I have tried clearing the cache from NFC, and restarting the phone several times

- Google Wallet is the preferred payment service for NFC

- I have tried several different cards (that still work on other devices)

- I have tried in different stores, for low and high amounts, with different kinds of readers

Nothing works and I get the exact same result. To note, my phone did a software update on the 15th and I only tried to use this after that. So I'm thinking either Software Update is buggy, or the refurbished phone they have sent is faulty? #samsungs22 

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Just go back to your insurance company and tell them it don't work

I wouldn't have wasted one moment even troubleshooting it