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Guide how to stop Google Play Services from draining your battery

(Topic created on: 27-05-2023 09:25 PM)

After many experiments (clear cache, disabling auto updates, updating everything what's possible, disable location services) and searching in the internet how to calm down Google Play Services from draining my battery, I got a random solution while trying to install BetterBatteryStats.

I noticed that after giving an access to the private APIs everything become normal and Google Play Services uses my battery no more than 1-2% (comparing to 15% before).

How to do it:

  1. Install necessary ADB drivers and exe on your PC This may be the tricky part but we can leverage some experience in that area. A good read: The 15 second adb installer

  2. Enable USB debugging on phone’s developer options

  3. Connect phone to PC The easiest part: connect the usb cable on both ends. When you connect the phone to PC on ADB, some models will throw a authorization message on phone Screen asking if you authorize this pc to access the phone.
  4. Run the commands This requires some explanations and some hints about how to check what may have gone wrong. Once you have connected your phone via usb start by unlocking your phone and by issuing the command: adb devices If it came back with a Device name instead of waiting for device or no permissions (on linux), then you know its safe to go ahead with the real command. Its this adb devices that also triggers the Authorize pc command.
  5. The command itself: 
    adb -d shell settings put global hidden_api_policy 1

    Guide is taken from this website

    This guide will help you to install ADB drivers step by step: