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Setting charging to 85%

(Topic created on: 04-12-2021 07:11 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
I've seen this setting is it worth turning it to prevent overcharge thoughts please
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Galaxy S21 Series
Not in my opinion, i personally would prefer to trust a genuine samsung charger to charge it to 100% just incase i needed the battery power while i was out & about. If you are leaving the phone on charge and unattended for extended amounts of time then yes maybe it is worth it.
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Galaxy S21 Series

It's a good idea implemented by Samsung for those that feel charging to 100% is not for them but for me I've never had an issues charging my Samsung phones either using the supplied Samsung charger or the Samsung Wireless chargers I now use @DaveTudor 

They are smart enough to charge the phone to 100% and then change to trickle charging to top up the phone to 100% if it dips below.

I opt to turn my phone Off overnight and charge it upto 100% so it's ready for the morning.

Also I want a full charge to be able to use my phone to it's fullest capability throughout the day. 

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Galaxy S21 Series
I have it on. I work from home and am rarely that far away from a charger even when out.... Every single battery advice I've read informs to keep battery's away from the 2 extremes; 0% and 100% for battery longevity.

Ultimately, if you're going to replace your phone after a few years I wouldn't worry too much,. But if you want to preserve battery health keep it between 30%-80% as a guide.
Galaxy S21 Series
Use a genuine Samsung charger with my S10 and it stops charging when the battery is full