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Samsung S Series

(Topic created on: 20-09-2021 09:41 PM)
I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S21, when the Galaxy S22 lineup is released early next year, do any of you think it would be worth the upgrade or wait another year as ive heard mixed feelings about the next lineup? Just curious because I love my Galaxy but wondered if the S22 would be much of an upgrade :smiling-face:
I'm not sure that anyone will actually know the answer to your question until the S22 has been officially announced.
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I never have updated my phone to the next 1 ... went from s7 edge to s10 plus to a s21 ... the s22 may contain some bugs that the s23 might iron out.... so I might get the s28 ... if they continue the s range
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Only hearsay atm so it's hard to tell now
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Once the new Galaxy phone has been released then I would suggest to look at s21 vs s22 type internet pages, and then look at YouTube reviews and tech sites and then as importantly go to your local Samsung Experience Stores or Highstreet Network Stores to have a play with the working retail models.

My rule of thumb is that if a phone brings something new to the table that ticks my wants and needs boxes then I'll consider buying it @cxmeronking 

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Hi @cxmeronking  Personally I think that upgrading your device biannually  is more likely to be worthwhile  but there are always some new features  and is depends if you are enticed by the offering.   Good advice from @BandOfBrothers .   The speculation is that the S22 will have a 50 mp camera for the main lens and a 3x  zoom telephoto lens.    However the battery for the base and Plus models may be a slight downgrade though it is envisaged there will be support for faster charging.  In terms of the Ultra there have been some conflicting reports on  whether there will be a 200 mega pixel sensor but some reports on an octa-core chip.

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