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Links not working in various apps

(Topic created on: 19-11-2021 09:04 AM)

This issue was present for me throughout the OneUI 4 beta but seems to have made its way into the stable build. In apps like Facebook and Instagram, tapping on links which should open in a browser does nothing at all. This behaviour is the same regardless of the "Open supported links" setting for each app being on or off. It also doesn't seem to be specifically related to apps that have an in-app browser, as LinkedIn is able to open links in a lightweight browser with no issues.

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I had same issue couldn't open links or download WhatsApp images.  I discovered that everytime you open a link, it stays open on your phone and I had so many open, phone couldn't cope.  Managed to open a link and at the bottom of the screen is a number showing how many tabs are open. Click on that and close all the tabs.  I do this regularly now and no more problems for me. 

First Poster

Hi I am a newbie to this forum. Have a 2 year old A21e. Problem is within a browser page (either Google App or Samsung Internet). Trying to open a blue hypertext link - there is a momentary response as the screen flashes but nothing opens. It only happens on the browser. If there is a blue text link in an email it works fine opening the web page etc.  Tried all logical settings but not reset the phone yet. Any help appreciated. Thanks