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Deep Criticism

(Topic created on: 06-02-2021 08:41 AM)
Galaxy S21 Series
I just come to Samsung Center and try the Ultra. I think the idea of adding 50% contrast is not always giving good result especially in the video quality. Because it crash the shadow little bit too much.

When I recorded video 4k/1080p (30/60fps) and tried zooming transition between ultra wide to max zoom and otherwise it looks so jerky. Regarding the price it's not acceptable.

I think your R&D team should focus on video "quality" and its based features such as slowmotion and hyperlaps/timelaps which is most people use them. Because overall image quality looks amazing. 👍

But for the live focus I suggest to use 3x Optical Zoom rather than digital zoom. Because the result is more distortion and the background blur looks less natural (looks edited) compare to my S10.

Hopefully it will give ideas for the next flagship phone. Because It seem when the economy rebound everybody will excited to buy something new. And I hope no more disappointment from costumers like in the past.

Stay the King 🙏