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Call sound issues - others can't hear me during calls

(Topic created on: 25-03-2021 11:18 AM)

Hi there, 

Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S21 I have an issue where when either making or receiving calls I can hear the other person but they can't hear me. 

Initially I thought it might be a signal problem but it happens wherever I am, I have even turned on wifi calling to get around signal issues. 

If I call via whatsapp or facebook messenger then it is totally fine so its not a problem with the microphone. It happens whether i'm using the phone as normal or with earbuds. 

In addition sometimes when someone calls I press the button to answer the call and it says it has answered but the phone is still ringing so the call isn't actually connected. 

It feels like it is an issue with the phone and not my signal as with old phone (S10) it was fine in the same areas and no issue.

Any ideas on how to fix it? 

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Thank you for clarifying. What feature is it I am unable to use? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question!

VoLTE lets you to use internet while calling and it gives you a better calls sound quality (HD). Disabling VoLTE, you are unable to use them.

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This problem is still out there. At the end of last year my S21+ started losing audio on calls. I couldn't hear anything and no sound in the other end also. First trip to service and they just updated my phone and disabled VOLTE. I knew it won't fix it, because my personal sim card doesn't even have VOLTE.

Well, I was right and the problem came back. I did a reboot and got along fine about a week until the problem came again. Next trip to service and now they changed the whole motherboard in the phone, and I was hoping that this will fix. But no, problem came back and off to service again. This time they sent me a brand new phone, and now I was really hopeful!

I transferred all my data and started logging in apps etc, what I have done a few times now! And today I got a phone call, and guess what? NO SOUND!

I'm losing my mind over this, it's also embarrasing to make business calls with this, when you have no audio. I have now rebooted and took 5G and VOLTE off, let's see how long it takes now. And no, this is not a operator problem, I have two sim cards from different operators and they both lose audio.

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I have this issue on a few Samsungs throughtout my life. What I always do that fixes it and has always worked for me on 4 different models is this EXACT PROCESS.

-Call someone you know, even better if they are with you so they know what you are doing.
-Put your phone on loudspeaker mode in the call.
-While still in the call and still on loudspeaker turn off the phone (full shut down). Turn phone back on.

Problem goes away, dont ask me why it works I have no idea. Just something to try, cant promise it'll work but always does for me.

This solves the problem of during a call after a certain time other call cannot hear you. Or even from beginning of call.
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This has happened to me on 4 occasions and has last more than than 2 days.not sure what is happening.i thought its to do network
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Just got an S24 and the issue is still there.  Tried this fix after the usual Samsung ones didn't work and this worked a treat, thanks to the poster!