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Will Iris scanning return

(Topic created on: 03-09-2023 07:30 AM)
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HI, i have had the phone since it came out and have had a lot of problems with facial recognition not working and have been into my local samsung shop numerous times with this issue. 

This seems a common problem with the phone from what i have read on many forums.

I have had the S10 and the S8 in the past and used the iris recognition / oculars without any problems at all. I have heard that samsung dropped the iris scanner because they felt that the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition offered sufficient options / levels of security. I have tried to use the fingerprint scanner but my finger tips are quite worn and so the fingerprint scanner does not recognise them, despite the fact that the people in the shop have guided me through the whole procedure, it has continued throughout my ownership of this phone.

I feel this is the most insecure phone i have owned. It has made me feel very vulnerable.

I wonder can Samsung can bring back Iris recognition, as it is a very secure system and works very well for me and others i have read about.

Thank you very much in advance


I was a fan of iris scanning (on my Galaxy Notes 8/9), and I deeply miss it. I felt very safe with it. I also enjoyed the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, late then. Nowadays, I am pretty happy with the under-screen fingerprint scanner on my S21 Ultra, but I will always miss the iris scanner. I am aware some people with “brighter” iris than mine had challenging difficulties using it. My mother and a close friend had tough problems using the iris scanner, no matter how much effort they’ve applied to use it (resetting the phone, rescanning the iris etc). I haven’t done proper research on why Samsung has dropped it from its phones, but I find iris scanning safer and more practical than using a fingerprint, and I don’t like Samsung’s facial recognition at all (it might be convenient, not secure). iPhone has a very decent Face ID, but that kinda happened to fail under COVID-19 pandemic circumstance. After solving pretty well the under-screen fingerprint scanner, Samsung is focusing on under-screen cameras (USC). OPPO, however, is already on its 3rd generation. Let’s see what will come... Iris recognition is a missing feature. I am afraid Samsung won’t bring it back to us, no matter what. I just hope they get us the Note back again. S21 Ultra is good, but am I definitely a Note user (the S series is not for me).

Mattie Boii
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The Ultras are basically the new notes "23 Ultra user" but i totally agree with you on the iris scanners!! They're great and miss it as well!! I actually thought it was going to be on the ultra 😭😭😭