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Whats going on with Samsung?

(Topic created on: 27-08-2020 07:11 PM)
Helping Hand
Whats going on with Samsung they use to be great? The last 3 premium device they release s10, s20 and now the note 20 have all very big issues with them! There must be no testing that goes on with these devices? Either that or samsung know the issues but still insist on taking peoples hard earned money, Samsung build up so much hype and then reviews come from a lot of well known sites and they praise everything about them and when the new models come out the reviews state the bad facts, how is it they all get good samples devices to test out but yet the people who pay big money for them get left with a device that over heats, bad camera, bad battery that has to be put into power saving mode and disable 5million things to make it last a few hours and some parts of the world exynos chip that can't handle things like the snapdragon can! Is our money not good enough to get the snapdragon chip?? Also Samsung make it near impossible to get a return most of the time, each time I spoke they said about a door step repair when I explained I'm not in the UK they still went to check if I could when I clearly can't im in Ireland, which gets treated less again but yet we spend the same money as England, samsung say they don't hear of most of the issues but yet the members app is flooded with Complaints... It seems like samsung just make their money lately and just promise software updates that fix nothing and then a new phone comes out with more new features to hide what they couldn't get the previous phones to do as advertised, Samsung is turning to scamsung